Alfapen partners who have experience about door and window products in building sector since 1960’s, started to produce uPVC Window and Door Systems in line with demand of the market in 1993. Since its foundation, Alfapen A.Ş. has been supplying its products to the customers with its tens of regional directorates and hundreds of dealers both in inland and outland. It continues its activities in a closed area of 15.000 m2 on a territory with 40.000 m2. Within this period, with the opinion of continuous investment and employment, it has come to these days by increasing its production capacity with 20 machines which it started with one machine. With its investor point of view, it contributes to national economy by producing its own moulds which are necessary for the machines to produce profiles.

Today, Alfapen A.Ş. continues to contribute to national economy every passing day with its 7 regional directorates, domestic dealers over 500 and approximately 15 foreign dealers.

It makes production according to the rules with its ISO 9001 system quality management, TSE 5358 EN 12608 and different quality certificates taken from abroad and it took a prominent place in the sector that it deserved by making ALFAPEN’s name in Turkish Plastic Sector.

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